Although it seems like an incredibly easy cleaning chore, there are tips to make the job of vacuuming your carpets even easier. If done right, vacuuming will even improve the indoor air quality of a home.

Firstly, stick to a schedule. This is a tip for all household cleaning chores, honestly, but for vacuuming you might have different schedules depending on what part of the house you’re cleaning. Some areas will be just fine with a once a week vacuuming. But other, more highly trafficked areas might need daily vacuuming.

In addition, pay attention to the attachments and other abilities of your vacuum. Power nozzles clean carpets more thoroughly than simple suction nozzles; a crevice tool will get to those tight spots, and a small upholstery brush is good for furniture. Lastly, if your vacuum has a carpet-height adjustment feature, you can match the height of the vacuum to the carpet’s pile height which not only makes it easier to vacuum but cleans more thoroughly.

You may have better things to do than clean, but vacuuming in slow motion and making multiple passes will do a better job than speeding through the chore. Move in slow, repetitive overlapping stroke, which can remove up to 85% of dust and allergens.

And don’t forget to take good care of your vacuum! Regularly cleaning the filter and rotating-brush supports will make it work better. Worn brushes could case texture change to carpets, which you likely want to avoid.

Don’t forget to make your job easier for you by prepping the room before you start vacuuming. Pick up small items like rubber bands and pennies before you begin. Not only could these items get lost in your vacuum never to be seen again, but they could damage the inner workings of your machine. Also, move any furniture you can out of the room if you’re going for a seasonal clean. This will make the work go faster.

And it’s usually a good idea to call in a cleaning service for the occasional deep clean, which will do a better job than simply vacuuming at eliminating the dirt and oil that can cling to carpet fibers.