It doesn’t have to be spring to do spring cleaning. There are ways to keep your home clean year round instead of relying on one time a year to do most of your heavy duty work! Here are some useful tips to keep your home clutter free without spending all your free time cleaning.

One life lesson we learn from a young age is to always put things away as soon as we are finished with them. It only takes a few seconds to hang up a clothing item that was tried on or taken off and this leaves your home free of clothes lying around. Keep an open laundry hamper in a corner of a room. This is a good way to make it easy to simply take off a dirty piece of clothing, roll it in a ball, and try to successfully dunk it in the hamper. This simple tip is easy and makes it fun for kids to put dirty clothes in the hamper.

Another fun rule to adopt, especially useful in a home with overstuffed closets is this: Every time a new piece of clothing is purchased, always get rid of at least one old piece of clothing. Donate to your local Salvation Army or find a donation bin located in your neighborhood. Another possibility is to recycle a piece of clothing such as a t-shirt by cutting up the fabric into squares and using it as a rag for cleaning and/drying. This will also save some paper towels. Can’t figure out which piece of clothing to get rid of? A great rule is to take an item of clothing you’re unsure of and if you haven’t worn it in at least 3 years most likely you won’t ever wear it. If it’s something of high quality why not give it away to a friend, or try and sell any designer piece that is gently used to a consignment store. Remember, if you acquire one new thing, get rid of an old! This trick will keep your home from getting overfilled with stuff.

If you live with a significant other, decide on one day a week to devote to a super clean. Vacuum, mop the floors, and dust every crevice. Spend no more than 2 hours. The more help you get the faster everything gets clean. However, if your schedule is too busy, it is a wise investment to hire a house cleaner to come once a month. One will usually cost you around 50$ and make all the difference leaving you free to work and spend time with loved ones. These quick and easy tips will make it so much easier to keep your home spick & span for the entire year. No more heavy duty cleaning when spring rolls around!