Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink

Washing dirty dishes that pile up in the sink can be difficult enough, but don’t forget to clean the sink itself once those dishes have been taken care of. Cleaning the sink is easy enough, but if it isn’t done, you’ll have bacteria growing, which can lead to odors in the kitchen.

Simply letting water and dish soap run down the drain is not enough to clean the sink; you need to take the time to sanitize it, too. This can be as simple as mixing dishwashing liquid with warm water, soaking a sponge with it and gently scrubbing the sink.

What about the drain though? Undoubtedly, there are things getting down your kitchen sink drain that could clog it up given the chance. A simple mixture of 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup of salt, and half a cup of cream of tartar can help. Every few weeks pour half a cup of the mixture down the drain followed by a quart of boiling water. In between uses store the mixture in an airtight container.

Using this baking soda mixture down the drain will also battle odors.

Splotches on the sink surface from cooking, paint, and whatever else may find itself in your sink, can be removed with an eraser-type sponge like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (Generic versions of the magic eraser work almost as well, too). An even better solution is to sprinkle baking soda on stains before they set then wipe and rinse.

Finally, if you have a stainless steel sink that has gathered some scratches, never fear: use a liquid abrasive cleaning product on a soft scouring pad (one suitable for stainless steel) and gently rub back and forth over the scratch. There are also powders that need to be mixed with water and then applied in the same way. Every now and then wipe the area clean and see if the scratch is still there or gone. For severe scratches, use wet sandpaper. And always rub the scratch with the grain of the metal. If you go against the grain you could make it worse.

And when in doubt: Call the professionals and leave the cleaning up to us!

One advantage is that we not only have the necessary chemicals to do the job right, but our supplies are industrial strength and with our expert cleaning staff, no crack or crevice is left behind, resulting in your kitchen to look like new.