Whether you live in an apartment or an estate, the staff at George Nader Cleaners will scrub every inch of your home. We do not just send one person, as those who call other cleaning services. We are a professional cleaning company using strong detergents (but not toxic or dangerous to humans or animals) that dig into the dirt and grime that will make your home look spotless.

We begin with an ‘inspector’ who will visit your home and make a determination as to what is needed, how many staff will come (we don’t send less than two people), the length of time it will take and a quoted proposal to get the job done.

The process is, for example a two story house, we will send at least three cleaners. One for the basement. One for the first floor, one for the second floor. Please make sure your driveway is available for our truck, as we have a patented state of the art cleaning system that we attach to, which will accelerate the cleaning process greatly without compromise on quality!

What is in your house that needs cleaning? Unlike other cleaning services which just touch the external items, marble, granite, flooring and ceilings, we go beyond that by going under you sink, cleaning the pipes and looking for issues that need repair. We use sophisticated equipment that checks your walls and ceilings for mold and we even clean your closets? A room needs painting? We do that too!

Bathroom Cleaning

Considering what we put them through each day, sinks, showers, tubs and toilets deserve special attention and although modern plumbing fixtures are designed to make the job of bathroom cleaning as easy as possible, George Nader cleaners work from the bottom up, regardless of how clean or dirty or how high tech your plumbing is.

Sinks from toothpaste and spray from hair products, your sink endures a daily barrage of dirt and grime. To keep it sparkling, we use strong industrial strength cleaners that removes toothpaste, chemical sprays, soap residue and all other household dirt that forms in the sink, but rest assured, none of our chemicals are abrasive or will leave a mark on your sink or cabinet.

For bathtubs, we clean the rim and fixtures with a strong cleaning spray and buff fixtures shiny and dry. Going deeper, we look for shower and tub soap scum, bath oil, hair products and body soil that from on tub rims, fixtures and faucets These places provide hiding places for moisture, mold and mildew and are found in the darkest of corners. We use abrasive scrubbing pads to remove these deposits, using George Nader patented tools not found in Home Depot or any hardware store. They were designed by George to seek out the most hidden of dirt and grime.

For toilets, additional patented tools specifically designed for toilet cleaning are used. We use special brushes that scrub all parts, as well as reach into cracks and corners. Then spay with a special disinfectant.

Once our cleaning staff have completed cleaning your bathroom, you would think you just walked into a bathroom showroom!

George Nader Kitchen Cleaning

Of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen is the one most used and subsequently, the most prone to abuse. As if the kitchen was looking for retribution, it will leave smoke stains, grease, food crumbs and a host of other unwanted refuse after a day’s cooking.

Not intentional by the ones who do the fantastic job of creating fine dinners for the family or social gathering, but the grease and grime is there and if not addressed, could lead to more serious situations, such as fire or infestations.

Appliances that have self-cleaning functionality is sometimes just not enough. We will help you ensure that there is complete removal of the grime and grease. Some of the cleaning jobs that we are involved in are stove (external and internal , hood and complete kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Our professionals have the expertise that is needed and do a fantastic job to the point that you would think you just moved in. In addition, our preventive maintenance group can ensure that your kitchen stays as immaculate as it was when you first purchased the appliances.

George Nader kitchen cleaning staff are trained with the specific cleaning requirements that a kitchen needs. Nothing is left to chance.