Welcome to George Nader Cleaners

George Nader Cleaning is an established industrial and home cleaning corporation who provides extraordinary expertise and service regarding the cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation of your property, as our staff is well trained to handle all kinds of cleaning requirements.

Whether the services requested is just for general cleaning or for thorough sanitation, we have experts available who will evaluate your establishment and provide you with a detailed list of exactly what we will be doing, along with the chemicals used and what/why they are being used. There is nothing left to the imagination; however, we are always available to spend whatever time is necessary to respond to any questions you may have. Our phone lines are open 24 x 7 to respond to your calls.

We visit homes and commercial buildings, including, but not limited to hospitals, schools, warehouses and office structures, each requiring a different approach to cleaning and disinfection.

With all the virus scares that have been making many paranoid; such as the recent Ebola outbreak, we have the expertise with proven results to provide you with peace of mind. We are not saying that we can eliminate all the bacteria that cause these diseases, such as Ebola, but our cleaning processes follows and surpasses the CDC guidelines and help to reduce the spread of infection for each of the potential virus threats that are currently mentioned in the news today.

In preparation for your calls, we believe it is important to understand the differences between ‘cleaning’ and ‘disinfecting’.

Cleaning simply removes germs from material surfaces; however, they can be still existent around the material.

Disinfecting kills the germs on surfaces areas. By using strong chemicals to kill these viruses, there is less risk of infection; however, disinfecting does not necessarily mean cleaning.

Sanitizing goes one step further by adhering to the CDC guidelines for killing germs. In this procedure, both cleaning and disinfecting are in use.

Once we have reviewed your needs, one of our representatives will visit your property and run a full evaluation of what is required. He will advise you in advance should there be a need to leave the premises if certain chemical agents are required that are not suitable for breathing. In cases like these, a 24-hour withdrawal from the premises would be required; however, this is not always the case. Once the time schedule is established, we will then come with our cleaning crew to begin the process.

Give us a call and one of our expert representatives will discuss with you your needs and how we can be of service to assist you.